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Eight Years Later and I'm Still The Same
I'm writing this now as a college sophomore, a little under 12 hours before my statistics midterm, just before I book it back do my dorm, freshen up, and book it back to college in time for the Undergraduate Student Government debate. I don't have any internet courtesy and I think this may be the third time I've left without a trace. Maybe I'm not good at saying goodbye. Maybe it's because I don't really ever say goodbye. After all, here I am updating after three years of silence!

It's weird reading back through my old posts. I stumbled across one about me crying in my 8th grade math class and I kind of want to laugh because Statistics is KICKING MY ASS and I would give anything to take 8th grade long division over this standard deviations probability bullshit haha.

What have I done with myself since then?

I was editor in chief of the literary magazine and president of the asian culture association in high school. I graduated with honors and now I go to college. I worked as a stage hand for an off-broadway theatre company and as a public relations intern for a menswear company that sells suits and things that cost more than my spring semester bill. I am applying to every television station internship I can get my hands on in the summer. I'm running for the communications board for my college's undergraduate student government. I am also running for public relations officer for district three of a Filipino-culture college networking organization.

I think I needed to look back. See that I have done something with my life. I was such a kid. I miss that. I miss not being in an active rush to grow up. But I've always wanted to be older.

I pretended a lot on here. Even though I eventually divulged that I was only 13 years old when I started really blogging a lot, I pretended to be older (actually I was 10 years old when I started this blog.)I pretended to be close to my cousins (I was never close to them). I tried to conform and people please. None of that hasn't really changed; I just white lie myself instead of other people, and I've decided to turn my affinity for TV and social networking sites into a career. (PR hehe).

I don't live with my parents anymore, and I miss them all the time. I've said a lot of shitty things about them on here, but they're great and they have always been great. I've said a lot of shitty things about great people. Somehow they stuck around. Godbless them. I've forgotten I've even said these awful things. It really is awful, some of these posts. But I understand that I was just growing up.

It's really interesting how the emotional responses I have towards certain things have not changed. I still hate math, despair in anything love related, and feel all the feels for television. But the way I deal with those emotions is so different. In a way it seems like I've changed, it seems like I've become a different person. But I'm still the same.

If anyone that used to follow me reads this, I want to tell you that I care about you. You were there to witness young Kate. And the Kate that is typing this now is still young, still the same, but the callouses she's developed through living have made her a lot more inhibited. Not to say that she's any worse, or that young Kate was any better, but you were there and your presence affected the young woman writing this today. Being a part of the Stargate fandom with you impacted me so much that I have decided to get the symbol for earth tattooed on my body. The back of my neck, actually. Actually I haven't gotten it yet. I'm waiting until I can afford to move out of my house permanently because my first generation American Filipino parents will most 1000000000% kick me out for getting inked.

But when I do get it inked, I will be thinking of you. I will be thinking about the forum conversations, the flailing, the campaigning, the arguing, the fics, the avatars, the loving we did together in the world we made around these imaginary characters, around that imaginary world. I hope that doesn't sound creepy. I just really love TV and I am really blessed to have been a part of it in its early stages, before tumblr, before the explosion and idiomatic use of the words shipper and OTP. I really love fandom. You are all talented, intelligent, passionate, amazing people, and the best roll models for a terrible ten year old, and a dramatic 13 year old. I hope you carry all of that energy with you forever, in everything you do.

Thank you for reading this. I hope life has allowed you to grow as it has for me.

Till next time! :)

Dead Journal? =[
Yeah I guess those of you on my flist can safely assume that my journal is pretty much dead. =[ I don't have as much time as I used to to post about life and I don't exactly have any material to post about xP. I feel bad for not being here because you guys are still my friends and I pretty much ditched LJ, in lame man's terms. =[ I'm not deleting it and I'm still keeping it F-Locked. I have msn ( and aim ( Also a Myspace, though I barely use it for posting either (Consider it a sort of messenger too xP); contact me if you'd like to add me.

Cheeaa, LJ's been an experience I'll never forget and I hope I will return again one day xO!!!


Yuna Banner
Made a new banner up at my LJ. Tis Yuna ♥ I'm using it for my forum signature but it's snaggable. =]

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Casey Novak Banner
Up at my LJ. I used the season 8 promo shot for Diane Neal I found here. =]

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Should LJ Have Copyright-like Rights Over Your Fics?

The United States delegation to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has been one of the strongest supporters of efforts to create a new intellectual property right for broadcasters and cablecasters through a new WIPO treaty. If adopted, the treaty would give broadcasters, cablecasters and potentially webcasting companies 50 years of copyright-like rights over anything they transmit, including public domain and Creative Commons-licensed works. It would also give broadcasters legal protection to use technology to lock down content, giving them control over how you use broadcasts received by your television, radio and possibly personal computer and control over how those devices are designed and built.

The new Broadcasting Treaty is likely to restrict your access to knowledge and culture, and it lets broadcasters make decisions that should be left in the hands of creators and the public.

If adopted, the WIPO treaty will give broadcasters 50 years of copyright-like control over the content of their broadcasts, even when they have no copyright in what they show. A TV channel broadcasting your Creative Commons-licensed movie could legally demand that no one record or redistribute it—and sue anyone who does. And TV companies could use their new rights to go after TiVo or MythTV for daring to let you skip advertisements or record programs in DRM-free formats.

If that wasn't bad enough, the US contingent at WIPO is pushing to have the treaty expanded to cover the Net. That means that anyone who feeds your "sound and images" through a web server would have a right to meddle with what you do with the webcast simply because they serve as the middleman between you and the creator.
[Source] [More Information]

Anything posted to this community or elsewhere on LJ, should the internet expansion be included, would give LJ 50-year copyright-like rights over YOUR CREATIVE WORK. Even if you post it on your own webspace, your webhost would have the same sorts of rights, unless you own your own webspace. And even if you are on your own server space that you own and house and run and everything, your internet service provider could possibly lay claim to your work.

If you live in the US or US Territories, you can go here and have a form letter (which is editable, as you see fit) sent to your representatives. Even if you don't live in the US, you can still get the word out and do your best to make sure that this treaty dies before it goes into effect.

This community is supposed to be a place for each of us to post our OWN fanfic, not a place for us to post and hand over our rights to LiveJournal. This treaty cannot go on.

I know that this post (obviously) doesn't contain any fanfic, but this is very, VERY relevant to our community.

Get the word out. Link People Here If you want to repost this somewhere else, please feel free to do so (or else link people here).

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Anime Banner
This is a banner I made for my own personal wants. Just for eye-candy because I butchered this wallpaper so please do not snag; I'm just posting it here to show you guys I'm not dead. xP Anyway, I'm not sure some of you want to put up a banner that reads something along the lines of I love Robert. x_x"

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Atlantis Banner!
*hee* Because I'm bored and there's nothing exactly exciting going on right now. =P
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Yay! For Sam/Jack!!!
Um, *hee* kinda nervous because I haven't done a Sam/Jack anything before, but I just love this cap, lol. ^__^;

Well, here it is:

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Icon and Banner!
1 banners and 1 icon, all Michelle Branch. ^-^ My stoopid program cut off the corner on the banner for some reason (*sniff*) so it's only gonna look pretty on a white background. The icon is fine though.
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Resources from wonderland__ *the color in the banner*

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I come bearing banner!!!
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Copyed aoihikari's post




they plan to do the following:
1.) Customize area, which is just an obtrusive package of boxes, crammed together, with a dash of other options (previously placed in other areas) thrown in.

2.) New userinfo, thought to be the most hideous change, as I'm told. It provides no flexibility in terms of your bio; implimentation of e-mail, msn, and AIM towards the bottom leaves questions; it's just overall a huge mess.
One perk is we're being given the option to turn this one off.

3.) Waiting over a month for the option to change our journal title and subtitle, in which an unclear option was brought to my and others attention; finally, it was implimented in a completely irrelevant area.

And also segregate everyone so that there's an "youth" friendly one and an adult one! :(

Just read and sign up and make your voice known!

Crash Icons
Moved here, and it's under the cut. ^__^

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First Ever Batch of Iconage!
My first batch of icons, all Final Fantasy. Um.... I think there are about 4. I have Photoshop CS but it's going wonky right now (and I still don't know how to use it as well as some people **coughMercscillaJeepnycough***) so I used Microsoft Picture it! 7.0

Tell me what you think! ^__^

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